Dolci idee per la festa del tredicesimo compleanno per ragazze del 2020

Dolci idee per la festa del tredicesimo compleanno per ragazze: l’ età di transizione è un periodo piuttosto difficile nella vita di un’adolescente, quindi la domanda è cosa regalare a una ragazza di 13 anni per il suo compleanno è sempre aperta per i genitori.

Dolce tredicesimo compleanno idee per feste per ragazze

Vorrei scegliere un regalo per le ragazze che avrebbe uguale rilevanza sia per l’infanzia che per l’età adulta. La ragazza di tredici anni continua ancora a credere ai miracoli, ma vuole trasformarsi rapidamente in un bellissimo cigno.
Ogni anno, il bambino si trasforma in una personalità unica e la bambola Barbie non funzionerà come regalo, e questo rende un po ‘difficile scegliere un regalo adatto e utile . La presentazione dovrebbe soddisfare i suoi interessi , il gusto emergente e gli interessi. Pertanto, è meglio armarsi di una base teorica e di idee creative. Uno scintillio felice negli occhi del bambino sarà la migliore ricompensa per i genitori.

Caratteristiche dell’età della ragazza di 13 anni

Indipendentemente dal sesso, l’adolescenza è la più difficile in termini di stato emotivo e psicologico. Non solo i cambiamenti di umore, ma anche gli stress periodici, gli scoppi di rabbia inaspettata, che cambiano con il pianto e l’insicurezza, diventano caratteristici. Questa è una sorta di auto-ricerca per una ragazza di 13 anni. Quando si sceglie un regalo, vale la pena considerare le seguenti caratteristiche:
  • All’età di 13 anni, le ragazze adolescenti sono guidate dai loro idoli: madri, sorelle maggiori, star del cinema o scene. In assenza del proprio stile e gusto, cercano di imitare le ragazze più grandi nel comportamento e nello stile.
  • A causa del periodo adolescenziale, il massimalismo giovanile è aggravato e il desiderio di un regalo può essere il più estremo ed estremo. Ma tutto dovrebbe essere moderato. Alcuni desideri, come tatuaggi o piercing, possono causare estremo malcontento tra i genitori . Non capiscono e non condividono la moda e le aspirazioni della gioventù moderna. Ma i desideri di un adolescente non possono essere ignorati. Dobbiamo cercare di trovare una soluzione di compromesso. Se vuoi un tatuaggio, crea un Mehendi , è bello, elegante, di buon gusto e puoi sempre cambiare il modello, a differenza di un tatuaggio.
  • A 13 anni, le ragazze sperimentano hobby seri. Ma a volte non c’è una tale stabilità. Oggi è appassionata di musica e ballo, domani va in campeggio e vuole delle vere attrezzature turistiche.
Nostra figlia non è più una ragazza, ma non è nemmeno un’adulta. Senza dubbio, come genitori ci troviamo di fronte a un grande dilemma, come possiamo festeggiare il suo 13 ° compleanno ? Forse pensiamo che sia troppo grande per un castello gonfiabile della principessa , ma allo stesso tempo è troppo piccolo per renderlo più dolce per le 13 idee per la festa di compleanno per ragazze, per dirlo in qualche modo più adulto. Per semplificare il tuo compito, condividiamo idee per organizzare la tua festa di compleanno.

Come organizzare una festa per il tredicesimo compleanno


One of the ideas that provoke sensation within teenage parties is Karaoke. Whether you rent one or improvise one at home, this device will cause a sensation for both your daughter and her guests, as they can have fun in a youthful way, singing the best hits of their favorite artists.

Romantic Movie Marathon

One of the things all 13-year-old girls dream of is love, and that is that the idea of ​​finding the first boyfriend sometimes takes the sleep away from more than one, that’s why a movie marathon can be a great option. You can choose from the most famous titles, for example, The trilogy “Twilight,” “The Hunger Games,” “Wedding Expert,” “The Princess’s Diary,” among others. These movies start more than a sigh among the Sweet 13th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls.


At this age, our daughter will begin to show more interest in things that she did not pay attention to before, for example, clothes, hairstyles, and makeup. A different idea of ​​spending a birthday is to water your little girl a makeover. Take her to the beauty salon with you and show her how beautiful she can get to see, this includes a complete change of clothes, there may not be a Sweet 13th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls, but she will be the center of attention when she comes to classes.


A sleepover can be one of the best ideas to celebrate our daughter’s birthday, and there is nothing that girls of that age enjoy more than telling their secrets among friends. Invite up to 4 friends of your daughter, and prepare a great night that includes: popcorn, movies and a great round of healthy coexistence between friends, I assure you that your daughter will greatly enjoy this pajama party with her best friends. The thirteen years are very important for all girls, let’s make the birthday of our daughter the most special ever had. Remember that daughters grow and go, but the memories remain forever. If you want more ideas, we invite you to read How to celebrate the birthday of girls of 12-13 years and Tips to organize a birthday party for teenagers.

Not Recommended Presents

At 13, all children are quite vulnerable. Choosing a present is worth it in such a way that in no way offends the vulnerable birthday girl. Be sure to consider the stop list of things:
  • Gifts for correction and elimination of deficiencies. This includes skin and skincare products. Naturally, a set of scrubs for oily skin or a guide-tips for losing weight to a girl would be useful. However, this is not what you need to present for your birthday.
  • Abstruse books, encyclopedias, school supplies will not suit everyone. For an excellent student, they will be very handy, but for a stylish fashionista, these are boring and unimportant things.
  • Home textiles and clothing. Even if a girl needs new pajamas, then you should not give her anyway, because she will not be perceived as a real presentation.

What can I give girls for her 13 birthday?

Amid the full variety of existing gift options, it’s pretty easy to get disoriented. To minimize all difficulties, it is worth, as mentioned above, to find out the preferences of the birthday girl, as well as determine the character and bias of the souvenir:

For Shy and Modest Girls

Sometimes in adolescence, adolescents feel quite uncomfortable, begin to complex, and move away from their peers. From the side, you need to help raise self-esteem. You can do this by presenting a certificate for a photoshoot from an experienced photographer. In just a couple of hours of work, a professional will help not only to become free but also provide documentary evidence of the girl’s uniqueness and her special attractiveness. Does the girl not want to go to discos and school dances because of her slowness and awkwardness? Solve this problem by dancing in any direction. Plasticity, flexibility, the elegance of movements immediately mark everything around. This will have a direct impact on the self-esteem of the teenager.

Things and Accessories for a Fashionista

The dilemma of giving a girl 13 years old for a birthday will not seem too complicated if your birthday girl is a real fashionista. You can surprise her with cool fashionable things or accessories in her style. This primarily includes clothing, cosmetics, shoes, and jewelry. To simplify your task, you can give a certificate for independent purchases or go on a joint shopping. Although the gift will not be a surprise, it will surely please the young lady. When choosing cosmetics for a girl, it’s better to tell her that it’s not worth saving on personal care items. The quality of cosmetics will favorably affect the appearance.

Baby Cosmetics in Beautiful Packaging

At 13 years old, girls vying to try to surprise their friends with products, which emphasize not only youth and beauty but also their own style. Silver pendants and pendants, gold earrings will do, and jewelry made with your own hands will be unique and original. The category of fashionable and useful things can also include devices that will form an external image.  It can be a hairdryer or a style. It is worth stopping at high-quality models to protect hair from damage. Nippers and iron for straightening hair will be indispensable with naughty curls. Manicure sets will help keep your hands in beauty and proper care.

Things for Hobbies and Hobbies

If you have already formed a circle of hobbies, then this is a pretty win-win option. The girl will appreciate the gift regarding her hobbies. By the way, the young cook will have books with simple or original tips and recipes. An apron with a cool print will be the highlight of her cook image.  Needlewomen will like sets of beads, stones, threads, or various accessories, patterns of drawings. Set for soap making with molds will improve her skills in the field of home cosmetics. The walls in the room of the birthday girl are decorated with posters and posters with images of her beloved idol. Organize a trip to the concert. Give two tickets better so that the joy and emotions of visiting can be shared with a close girlfriend or boyfriend.

Romantic Gifts From a Boy

This age usually accounts for the period of the first pure first love. From the boy he liked, the birthday girl will expect something romantic and sincere. For example, an aquarium with a goldfish will be like a declaration of love. A butterfly-shaped lamp will decorate the girl’s room and create a cozy atmosphere. Soft toys will cause pleasant emotions, bring pleasure and joy to the girl.

Modern Gadgets and Computer Technology

The age of 13 years is a period when, among themselves, teenagers using gadgets find out who is cooler and more fashionable, who has a better phone or other technical means. The latest model is the best gift idea. However, it is worth starting from financial opportunities and your own plans for the presentation. If the purpose of the gift is to always stay in touch with friends, you can purchase a simple phone model. The options for a two-way camera, wireless Internet, access to social networks will become optimal. If you want to surprise the girl with the latest innovations in technical progress, then, by the way, you will have a laptop, computer, or a modern game console. If you are lost in the achievements of technology and do not follow its market, the best solution would be to go to the experts for advice. They will tell you what is more relevant and in great demand at the moment. It is worth considering that for a girl, it will be important that the donated gadget is better than that of a close girlfriend.

Curious Girls Are Always Suitable for Developing Gifts

What to give a girl 13 years old for a birthday from a friend is a pretty common task. A worthy option would be an encyclopedia for girls or a good book about the secrets and subtleties of beauty, fashion, and style. Colorful diaries are a traditional option, but quite suitable to distract from social networks or endless television talk shows. Personal diaries are very touching to the growing princesses because you can trust him with the most secret thoughts and exciting experiences. Exciting puzzles or board games will decorate pastimes in any company.

Rational Subjects

Gifts that are of practical use will also be enthusiastically received. These are various sports things for the active life of a teenager. Sports home fitness equipment, fitness bracelets, skates, rollers, an exercise bike will be faithful helpers if the sport is the girl’s main hobby. A practical gift from relatives will be a bank card issued in the name of the birthday girl. The benefits of it will be multifaceted. Firstly, its presence will increase self-esteem and will cause respect from peers. Secondly, the issue of pocket money will be resolved. Thirdly, you will not need to look for a suitable gift – you just need to transfer a certain amount of money to the card account.

Design and Creative Stuff

For girls, the decoration and arrangement of their space become quite relevant. Functional things related to design will become the favorite for the birthday girl. For example, a table lamp of an original form will decorate a writing corner and give a special charm to the workplace. An interesting form of decorative pillows will find their permanent place on a bed or sofa. Aromatic lamps in addition to essential oils will help you relax after a hard school day. Night lights with the function of the starry sky can not only illuminate the room with a dim light but also be a morning alarm clock with melodies for every taste.

Original Souvenirs Presented by Friends Are Unusual, and Budget Presents

They can be things decorated with photo printing: clothes, mugs, bags with an interesting photo collage. Chocolate cards, a set with sweets, on the wrappers of which there are photos of the birthday girl, like a sweet tooth. A congratulatory video shot and edited in advance will be enthusiastically accepted. Let the most pleasant and interesting moments from the life of the birthday girl and her friends be captured on it.

Gifts Made With Love With Their Own Hands Will Conceal Warmth and Give Unforgettable Emotions

A decoupage box will become a reliable repository for important trinkets. The mascot decoration will emphasize the style of the girl. A bag or purse, sewn and decorated with mother’s hands, will cause envy among girlfriends.

Event Organization

An important part of a birthday is its proper organization. This can be done according to the standard scenario – to make two holidays – for relatives and separately for friends. The celebration with peers in the open air – in the forest, in the country – will be received with special enthusiasm. Unusual, delicious dishes, memorable gifts, vibrant scenery, fun music, exciting contests, and competitions, as well as the services of an animator, will make the holiday perfect not only for the birthday girl but also for her friends. It will be a great option to relax and have fun. Only the main condition is good weather.

Celebration Organization

At the age of 13, I do want to surprise and please my daughter, sister, niece, or granddaughter. In this interesting period of life, a gift should make the girl happier. Beautiful packaging will help to keep the intrigue, and the gift will look even more elegant. A box of sweets or a bouquet of delicate flowers will be a great addition to the main present. The ideal solution for giving a girl 13 years old for a birthday from her parents is a thing that will cause pleasant emotions. This will bring the whole family together and provide a positive experience.

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